2D RPG Starter Kit

 Jun 11, 2013 - Unity

Create your own Top Down 2D RPG
– 100+ well documented, modular and fully customizable scripts
– 3 Types of player movement: Multi-Directional, 4-Directional, 8-Directional
– 3 Types of Cameras: Sliding room dependent, Player dependent, and Basic
– Player, Enemy and NPC logic and data structure ready to use and can be easily edited.
– Multiple State Animations for your player, enemy and NPCs.
– Display any type of sprite direction for your NPC and enemies
– Combat system
– Documentation included
– Build your top down 2D environments in days not weeks!
– Use an existing demo scene to start building your game or pick and choose scripts and incorporate them in your existing games
– Music and SFX Management and the ability to set all your scenes background music with 1 script.


                                      What people are saying…


  “Just running the demo, you can see that this project will save you hundreds                                          “Great asset and worth the money.”

                                                                      of hours of legwork trying to get an RPG together. I am utterly blown away                                                 -TheSevenSeas

                                                                      by the provided functionality.”



                                                                                           “Love this asset so far and what it contains! As soon as I loaded this up my head started spinning with ideas!

                                                                                            I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to make their very own zelda-like !

                                                                                            That’s the reason I made this purchase and was not disappointed!”