2D RPG Pro Kit

 Nov 03, 2018 - Unity

Create your own Top Down 2D RPG

– 100+ well documented, modular and fully customizable scripts
– A* Pathfinding for your player and enemies.
– Ability to set a game timer / clock cycle for your game.
– Lighting manipulation.
– Weather.
– Item Database.
– Shopping.
– Quests System.
– Skills and Action Bars.
– Experience.
– Health to Heart display. See your health in a heart style or any image style you like.
– 3 Types of player movement: Multi-Directional, 4-Directional, 8-Directional
– 1 Multi-use Camera: Sliding Room Dependent and Follow Player in one.
– Player, Enemy and NPC logic and data structure ready to use and can be easily edited.
– State Machine Animations for your player, enemy and NPCs
– Display any type of sprite direction for your NPC and enemies
– Combat system
– Crafting System
– Immunity scripts for when taking damage.
– Ability to drop bombs (moms spaghetti) and display the amount of bombs in your UI.
– Ability to wear equipment and get stats from it and an easy way to reference your equipment.
– Create infinite amount of unique keys and display the number of the unique key in your UI.
– Create infinite amount of unique money (currency) and be able to display the amount of money left in your UI.
– Create Icon Displays above your GameObjects
– Scripts that help referencing important GameObjects making your life to change, add and remove easy as pie
– Customizable Inventory
– Customizable Tooltips
– Chest functionality
– Explosions!!!
– Customizable Layering scripts
– Customizable Sprite Renderer Sorting Layer and Sorting Order scripts.
– Depth Layering
– Loot!
– Easily customize the spawning locations for your player in every scene
– Dialogue system
– Enemy movement scripts
– Ability to Save and Load your game.
– Multiple ways to scene transition system
– Customizable object push script, recreate the Zelda boulder push puzzles
– Customizable terrain sounds and visuals when moving through areas
– Customizable menu options and UI rescaling
– Documentation included
– 13 YouTube Videos Demos.
– 2 different art styles.
– All art and sound assets are public domain with the exception of Bleed’s March (Attribution required)
– Build your top down 2D environments in days not weeks
– Use an existing demo scene to start building your game or pick and choose scripts and incorporate them in your existing games
– Music and SFX Management and the ability to set all your scenes background music with 1 script.
Import the package, setup your character movements and camera in minutes!


The Project is in ongoing development. More features will be released at a later date when I gather feedback from the users.