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    I played a bit with the template and wanted to create a new dungeon scene. so I duplicated “InnBasement”, renamed it, and put it as goal in a scene_change script. The problem now is, that after beaming to the new scene, the player character is not visible.
    What’s the problem here, or what would be the right approach to create a new scene and let the player beam to it?



    Joey Lubonty

    Hey Chris,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    The fix for this is when you make a new scene you will want to add the Scene_Locations script to a GameObject in your scene. How this script works is, in a scene there are always spawn points and sometimes you can spawn in a scene in different places depending on what you do (Leaving the scene from the boundaries, a trap door, going into a house).

    Screen Shot : Screenshot

    That should solve the issue for your character not spawning in a an area where your game is and complete control of where exactly the player will spawn. Let me know if you run into any other issues :).

    Troll Bridge Studios

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