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    Is there a mobile controll system included?


    Joey Lubonty

    Hey Knuppel,

    Currently in the Starter Kit there are no scripts or anything related to Mobile. When I release the Pro version there should be system in place so that there can be an ease of use for Mobile users. I have some ideas written down for it but currently I am working on the questing system. A lot of people have asked for Mobile though so I can almost say for sure that in the Pro version will be Mobile compatible.

    If you have any other questions or ideas on what type of mechanics you would like to see in the kit please feel free to email me or post on the forums :D.

    Troll Bridge Studios



    On the same note, I’m trying to add the standard asset’s mobile controls to the demo but I’m having some trouble. The controls are always rendered behind the game level scene and not in front, even though I set it to a higher layer than the others.

    Pardon my lack of Unity knowledge on this

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